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15 Feb 16


"Maritimes Mittelalter - Meere als Kommunikationäumse"

The new publication by Michael Borgolte/Nikolas Jaspert

 featuring Oceanides' researchers from the Medieval period



Medieval studies in Germany have needed time to discover maritime connections as a field of historical research. To date, the history of seas and oceans in the Middle Ages has generally been reduced to that of specific aspects such as the German Hansa, the Vikings etc – or it has been relegated to certain sub-disciplines such as economic history. Seen from the perspective of comparative history however, it is imperative not to understand the sea as a detached field of historical research, but rather as an integral part of medieval people’s experiences and mind frames. As such, the maritime world was not a separated geographical zone, but rather inextricably interwoven into medieval history at such. This volume comprises articles on European seas (the North Sea, the Baltic, the Black Sea) as well as on intercontinental seascapes such as the Mediterranean, the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean. They present important new contributions from the perspective of Scandinavian, Islamic, Indian and Medieval Studies. This collection will point out new paths of research, not the least due to a change in perspective – from a terrestrial to a maritime point of view – that provides unusual insights.


About the book

  • Michael Borgolte (Berlin): Eine thalassisch- ozeanische Zeit
  • Nikolas Jaspert (Bochum): Zu Konzept und Programm der Tagung
  • Ruthy Gertwagen (Haifa): Shipping and Ma- ritime Technology of Trade and Warfare in the Medieval Mediterranean, 11th–16th century
  • Jan Rüdiger (Frankfurt am Main): Kann man zur See herrschen? Zur Frage mittelalterlicher Thalassokratien
  • Sebastian Kolditz (Bochum): Horizonte mari- timer Konnektivität – konzeptionelle Aspekte
  • Jenny Oesterle (Bochum): Arabische Darstel- lungen vom Mittelmeer in Historiographie und Kartographie
  • Michel Balard (Paris): The Black Sea: Trade and Navigation (XIIIth–XVth Centuries)
  • Carsten Jahnke (Kopenhagen): Die Nordsee als verbindendes oder trennendes Element?
  • Nils Blomkvist (Visby): Europe’s Captive. The Medieval Baltic Torn between Thalassocratic and Continental Principles of Exploitation
  • Benjamin Scheller (Essen): „Neue Welten – Neue Fremde?“ Die Atlantikexpansion des Spätmittelalters und die Differenzwahrneh- mung der Europäer
  • Anette Schmiedchen (Berlin): Die Akteure der mittelalterlichen Kommunikation im In- dischen Ozean – von Gujarat über Ceylon und den Golf von Bengalen bis nach Sumatra
  • Daniela Rando (Pavia): Zusammenfassung
    The names displayed in bold characters are Oceanides' contributors

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