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Association - Océanides


An association of general interest

  Oceanides, an international research programme in maritime and naval history, coordinates and collects, for the first time in France and all over the world, the work of researchers specialized in the history of seas and oceans.   Sponsored by the Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transport and Housing, Oceanides is an association under the 1901 Law, of general interest, the statutes of which were adopted on March 26th 2012 by the Constituent General Assembly held in the Roquelaure Mansion in Paris.   Its target is to promote the global maritime space and to valorise its resources nearby the authorities and within the civilian society.   Thanks to a partnership with the Navy, the association is located in the premises of the Centre for Advanced Studies of the Navy, in the Military School in Paris.

A permanent Management Committee

  In order to coordinate this international research project and to ensure the circulation of its works, the Oceanides association is structured to guarantee its financial autonomy and the complete scientific independence of its research team.   A limited permanent team ensures the operational management of the association within the Executive Committee, connected with the Director of the Scientific Committee and the President of the Committee of Honour    
Anne Marie Idrac - Océanides

Anne-Marie IDRAC

Chairman of the Board

The Board of Directors of Oceanides is chaired by Anne-Marie Idrac, former Secretary of State for Transports, then for Foreign Trade.

Christian Buchet - Océanides

Christian BUCHET

Director of the Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee is chaired by Professor Christian Buchet, specialist in maritime history, director of the Centre d’Etudes de la Mer at the Catholic Institute in Paris and member of the Académie de Marine.

Claudie Haignré - Océanides


President of the Committee of Honour

The Committee of Honour is chaired by Claudie Haignere, astronaut, former Minister for Research and then for European Affairs, current President of Universcience.

Maxime Petiet - Océanides


Treasurer of the association

Member of companies’ Board, former world partner at Arthur Andersen, former partner by Ernst & Young, commander in the reserve of the French navy.

Sabine Marie Provost

Sabine Marie PROVOST

General Delegate of the Association

PhD in Military History and Defense studies, former senior adviser in the Defense industry.