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15 Feb 16


"There are many “essential” books in a library devoted to Churchill. This is one of them." Review by Clifford Cunningham, Sun News Miami

Churchill and Sea Power by Christopher M. Bell

17 Jul 14

New article on the blog of the Medieval researcher Ian Friel.

Ian Friel posted a new article about the St Winnow ship carving.

11 Jun 14

ShipLab : Research Portfolio 2013

09 Apr 14


Crossroads - Studies on the History of Exchange Relations in the East Asian World (縱横 - 東亞世界交流史研究/クロスロード - 東アジア世界の交流史研究 / 크로스로드 - 東아시아 世界의 交流史 研究) is designed as an international forum for contributions related to the history of exchange relations in the East Asian world.

Angela Schottenhammer : Editor in chief of Crossroads Research Centre,

03 Apr 14

‘The Sea: Challenge and Stimulus in the Middle Ages’. A new article by Carsten Jahnke

03 Apr 14


This book gives a complete picture of the Maritime Transport Industry so that those involved with shipping can see their own specific field of interest in perspective and understand how the basic model of this mode of transport operates.

Sea Transport. by Patrick Alderton: ‘ an essential reading for people involved with shipping ports and transport’

31 Mar 14


John N. Miksic, an associate professor of archaeology and history at the University of Singapore, reveals that the Silk Road was as much about trade at sea as it was trade over land

Singapore and the Silk Road of the Sea, 1300-1800 by J. Miksic

12 Oct 13


An analysis of how Britain developed a superb supply system for the navy, with beneficial consequences both for victory in war and for Britain's economic development

“The British Navy, Economy and Society in the Seven Years War” by Christian Buchet

11 Feb 13