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Ceremony at the French Senate: presentation of the conclusions of the project

05 Apr 17

Scientific publications now ready for sale

20 Feb 17

Edition of the 13th Newsletter

20 Dec 16

Dr Jean-Louis Etienne accepts to join the Committee of Honour

02 Dec 16

A new member for the Committee of Honour: ambassador Serge Ségura

30 Nov 16

This Newsletter emphasises on the internationalisation of the Committee of Honour

Newsletter n.12

15 Oct 16

Noëlle Lenoir, new member of the Committee of Honour

14 Sep 16

Philippe Vallette, director of Nausicaa, joins the Committee of Honour

19 Aug 16

John Hattendorf


Hosted by All Souls College, Oxford, the conference will bring together academics and naval professionals to celebrate John B. Hattendorf’s distinguished career and leading role in expanding the field of maritime history.

‘Strategy and the Sea’: An International Conference in Honour of Professor John B. Hattendorf

10 Apr 14

Frédéric Moncany de Saint Aignan rejoint le Comité d'Honneur au sein du Collège des Personnalités Françaises

The President of the French Federation of Maritime Pilots joins Oceanides

21 Nov 13

Now that most contributors have been contacted, it is time, for Christian Buchet, Scientific Director, to tell more about the state of the research.

Newsletter n°1

13 Nov 13

On May 16, 2013, the General Assembly of the Association took place at the Centre for Advanced Studies of the Navy. It allowed Christian Buchet to detail the situation of the research.

Meeting of the patrons and friends of the Association

28 Jun 13

Supported by the Océanides association, the third edition of Naval History Days took place on June 4 and 5 in Brest. They brought together professionals from the maritime world and students of the Naval Academy on the theme "warship, merchant vessel".

Third Naval History Days

18 Jun 13