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Churchill and Sea Power by Christopher M. Bell

17 Jul 14


"There are many “essential” books in a library devoted to Churchill. This is one of them." Review by Clifford Cunningham, Sun News Miami

About the book


Churchill and Sea Power is the first major study of Winston Churchill's record as a naval strategist and his impact as the most prominent guardian of Britain's sea power in the modern era.


Based on extensive archival research, the book debunks many popular and well-entrenched myths surrounding controversial episodes in both World Wars, including the Dardanelles disaster, the failed Norwegian Campaign, the Battle of the Atlantic, and the devastating loss of the Prince of Wales and Repulse in 1941.


It shows that many common criticisms of Churchill have been exaggerated, but also that some of his mistakes have been largely overlooked--such as his willingness to prolong the Battle of the Atlantic in order to concentrate resources on the bombing campaign against Nazi Germany.

About the author




The author, Christopher Bell is a Professor of History at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


He is currently contributing to the research project led by Océanides. His article will be part of Volume 4 : The Contemporary period and will focus on the Washington Treaty Era.

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